Ohio State National Champions

The College Football Playoffs are over and The Ohio State University Buckeye’s are the first National Champions of this format.

Although we can’t debate on who is the best football team in the country right now, we can argue about who is the best coach.

There are two coaches who stick out to be considered two of the best and that is Urban Meyer and Nick Saban. Meyer and Saban both have multiple National Championships and both have a bunch of wins. You could say they are tied for being the best coach.

Though they are similar Saban has one more National Champion ship and is considered to be a better recruiter. Saban is also considered to be a more defensive minded coach and usually has the top run defense in the country.

On Meyer’s side he is considered to be a better coach on the field because of him reviving programs like Bowling Green, Utah, and Ohio State, where he won the National Championship with a third string quarterback.

Also according to Ohiostatebuckeyes.com, Meyer has the highest winning percentage as a coach with ten years of experience.

Which makes Urban the better overall coach because he is able to take a good player and make him into a great player like Cardale Jones. Though right now Meyer might be a better coach than Saban, Nick isn’t going anywhere and Michigan just hired Jim Harbaugh, who had success at Stanford and in the pros with San Francisco.

In a year or so it’s possible it can change or Urban Meyer could win another National Championship next and still be the best.