The Importance of Sports in America

Sports can be a big influence on this country by simply being something society can all come together to watch or play. Baseball is called “America’s pastime” for a reason. It is not to me personally, yet it still brings this country together. As do basketball, football, and soccer because those sports do not care about race or sexuality.

The majority of colleges have recently canceled their fall sports and that led to the majority of America experiencing hysteria, and that just shows how much sports mean to this country.

The NBA and the NFL are going to be holding games this year without fans, and people seem okay with that as long as they play. This is yet another example of how sports play an important role in this country.

I believe that sports are needed for this country to run and sporting events can take our minds off of world problems or economic problems for a few hours. It allows this country to come together as a whole, not judging on sexuality or race, just people enjoying the same thing. Sports can bring so much joy to the world that I would hate to see them diminish. Those sporting events are truly America’s pastime.