World Cup in Qatar in full swing


Noah Simon, Sports columnist

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar started on Sunday, Nov. 20, with host country Qatar losing 2-0 against Ecuador.

The first week of the World Cup brought terrible news for all the fans and followers who traveled to Qatar: following pressure from Qatar’s royal family, the sale of alcohol was banned inside the stadiums. Despite FIFA’s efforts to allow these sales, the decision was a result of the strict alcohol laws within the city.

The United States team is poised to make a deep run in this World Cup tournament, returning after missing the World Cup in 2018.

Although success might be hard to guarantee giving the strong competition, the U.S. will be bringing an improved team, and looking to show the world how good they really are. They opened up their tournament in a tie against Wales (1:1).

Favorites to win the tournament at the beginning were Brazil, England, and Argentina. However, Argentina suffered a devastating opening game loss to Saudi Arabia, who were so excited about upsetting the football giant that they declared the day after their victory–Nov. 23–a national holiday.

England started their tournament with a 6-2 victory over Iran, while Brazil’s first game took place on Thanksgiving.

 The World Cup will be in swing until the Final on Dec. 16, where a new World Cup winner will be crowned.

The last four tournaments have been won by European countries, and no African or Asian nation has ever won the tournament.

The most successful nations to play in the World Cup are Brazil with five World Cup titles, followed by Germany and Italy with four each. Argentina and England have also both won the tournament twice.

Many teams have a chance to win, but I believe that Portugal or Germany may just surprise many by winning the tournament this year.