10 Ways to Stay Healthy in Quarantine

Sam Obermiller, IV Leader Staff

   Being required to stay indoors for the next two weeks is likely going to interfere with a lot of daily functions that students are used to, one being staying in shape. It was easy to go to the gym for an hour or so after class before the pandemic, but considering the gym is closed, let alone we aren’t supposed to drive to get to the gym, it’s a lot harder to get in the exercise needed to stay in shape, especially when your couch is five feet away to tempt you.Here is a list of exercises and tips you can use while isolated compiled from college level athletes and coaches. These should make staying in shape a bit easier to do, and to help avoid losing motivation from stagnating workouts.


  1. YouTube is your best friend.

Whether it’s double checking if your form is right, or finding a full at home workout cycle, it’s really easy to find workouts that fit your level of fitness and your goals. Don’t be afraid to look stuff up.

      2. Try and wake up at a decent time.

All of our classes are online, and it’s pretty easy to sleep in till 11 every day unless you have a class meeting to get to. Waking up relatively early, even if it’s just before 10, is great for motivation and feeling like you have time to get everything done.



      3. Don’t eat everything.

Being cooped up in the house for days on end is a great recipe for eating every snack food in the house, and then ordering some takeout out of sheer boredom. Trying your hand at cooking (with whatever ingredients you can manage) is a good way to avoid overly processed foods and keep your diet relatively regular. Sticking to three meals a day is much healthier than snacking every half hour for the entire quarantine.


      4. Get creative with lifting.

Everyone can do push-ups and sit-ups just on the floor, but what if your goals need you to lift heavier weight than just your own body? Have a couch that you can pick up one end? Front weighted squats. Jacob, a swimmer for Truman University, recommends a broom and a backpack filled with books to help with curls. Empty water jugs lying around can be filled up for dumbells in a cinch. Just do your best with what you have.

      5. Get outside.

As tempting as it is to go hang out with friends or see relatives, staying isolated is important. However, it’s perfectly fine to get outside for some fresh air to stay sane. Taking an isolated run is a great way to keep moving and get a change of scenery. AJ Bollis, an Assistant Student Coach at University of Michigan-Dearborn, says that if you’re unable to run or it’s uncomfortable, taking a long walk is just as effective and important.




      6. Make a schedule.

It’s a lot easier to stay on track of your workouts if you keep a list/schedule of doing certain things on certain days. Take a run on Monday, try and do some weights on Tuesday, etc. Holding yourself accountable will keep you motivated.



      7. Get others involved.

Convince your sibling to do a workout with you at home, or make your parents promise to try and do at least a little bit with you if they’re at home too. This gets other people into healthier habits and makes it easier for you to remember to work out as someone else is counting on you as well. Miss your gym buddy? Facetime them for an ab workout to stay connected during isolation. 



      8. Abs, Abs, and some more Abs.

Most ab exercises are done using a minimal amount of floor space, and since a lot of people don’t have the resources used for more complex workouts, this is the perfect time to work on your core. Crunches, planks, sit-ups, mountain climbers, all good exercises to keep in shape. You can even put a show on TV and binge while you work if it helps.



      9. Have fun doing it.

The most important thing to remember is to enjoy the exercise. It’s hard to get back and do it every day if you hate what you’re doing. Find some ways to spice it up, either through rewarding yourself or by playing your favorite music while you work out. Everyone can find something they like.




     10. Be safe.

It’s easy to get excited about progress and push yourself, which is a good thing! However, if you feel any pain or are straining yourself, it’s okay to tone it down a bit. Go at your own pace, and do your best.