Taking precaution with mask mandate

Hope Beelman, IV Leader Editor

On July 28, President Jerry Corcoran announced face masks will be required for all students indoors on-campus regardless of vaccination status. The mandate allows students, faculty, and staff to protect themselves and others from COVID-19.

CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, released a strong recommendation that those in K-12 schools should wear masks “due to the circulating and highly contagious Delta variant,” as stated by the CDC website under Guidance for COVID-19 Prevention in K-12 schools.

With the increase of in-person classes this fall as well as the rise in students on-campus, it is essential that all students, faculty, and staff wear their masks correctly covering their mouths and noses to slow the spread in the community.

Along with social distancing, masks add an extra layer of safety and protection, and it is important that those on-campus take prevention of the virus seriously. SHIELD Illinois testing is available as of Monday, August 23 in CTC 124 and 125 to provide rapid testing and results to those who feel they may have contracted the virus.

Temperature monitors are located at all main entrances and are required for those who enter the building as the safety and health of those on-campus are a great concern.

Students are also encouraged to fill out the COVID-19 Self-Verification Form, a form that emphasizes the need for students to complete a daily health screening of themselves to check for COVID-19 symptoms before arriving on-campus. This form further reinforces the need to prevent the spread of the virus.

Wearing masks properly, checking temperatures regularly, staying home if sick, and washing one’s hands frequently are all ways to keep the community safe.

Stay up to date on IVCC’s response to COVID-19 by checking out ivcc.edu/covid19/index.php as well as lasallecounty.org/covid-19-vaccine-update/ for updates in LaSalle County. vaccines.gov/ allows the community to find vaccine locations if they have yet to receive it.