Everyone needs more sex education

Kellsie Edgcomb, Assistant Opinion Editor

February 15, 2018

The #MeToo conversation continues. This does help to give survivors of abuse and harassment a voice, but it is still not enough. One large population of women and men are still high risk for abuse: individuals with intellectual...

The world is saying “Me Too”                                       
Now that a new light is being shed on sexual harassment and abuse, people are speaking out and telling each other that they are not alone.

A call for empowerment

January 25, 2018

After #metoo: Hold politicians to a standard

Josh Rhinehart and Brittany Marx

November 30, 2017

Users on social media have noticed the trending #metoo on their Twitter and Facebook feeds. But many are unaware of the origins of the movement that puts the magnitude of sexual assault into perspective. Both men and women across...



November 2, 2017

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