After #metoo: Hold politicians to a standard

Users on social media have noticed the trending #metoo on their Twitter and Facebook feeds.
But many are unaware of the origins of the movement that puts the magnitude of sexual assault into perspective.
Both men and women across the globe have participated, humanizing a crime that is often dismissed due to the political and social climate. The movement gained a lot of momentum after allegations were brought forth against famous movie director Harvey Weinstein.
Notably, many prominent faces in Hollywood have added their names to the list of those speaking out against sexual assault.
Celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Debra Messing, Sheryl Crow, Lupita Nyong’o and Finn Wolfhard have lent their support as well.
House of Cards star and producer Kevin Spacey was recently accused of sexual assault against Anthony Rapp, then 14, back in 1986.
Since these accusations have surfaced, Netflix has discontinued production of the series until further notice.
One question that needs to be asked is why actors who portray figures of political power are held to higher standards than actual political figures regarding sexual assault.
It is not new information that President Trump has been accused multiple times of sexual assault. There have been no known further efforts to reprimand his self-proclaimed, inappropriate behavior.
These actions, or lack thereof, have set a precedent of how sexual assault is dealt with in the political realm.
This can be seen with recent accusations against Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore. Despite the discontinuation of GOP funding, he is still gaining verbal support from political peers which could allow him to have a seat in the Senate if elected on Dec. 12.
Although the GOP did pull their support, such behavior should not be tolerated by any individual in prominent position of power, and his campaign should be terminated immediately.
There is no debate that sexual assault is a crime, and when viable, truthful claims are made with no appropriate reaction, the idea of rape culture is further supported and embedded within a society.
This behavior should not and cannot be normalized if we want to change the culture of sexual assault.
#metoo is just the small step in bringing attention to an issue that has been around too long.