The Importance of Sports in America

Ben Donner, IV Leader Staff

September 17, 2020

Sports can be a big influence on this country by simply being something society can all come together to watch or play. Baseball is called “America’s pastime” for a reason. It is not to me personally, yet it still brings...

Fans Take Cancellation ‘One Day at a Time’

Sydney Johnson, IV Leader Cultural Editor

April 25, 2019

Fans were shocked when Netflix canceled “One Day at a Time” in March. The sitcom follows the life of the fictional Alvarez family, a Cuban-American family comprised of single-mother Penelope, played by Justino Machado,...

What are African-American superheroes trying to say?

J.Q. Church, Web Advisor

April 26, 2018

On Sept. 16, 2016, Netflix released a straight-to-series season of “Luke Cage” where we were finally introduced to the bulletproof D-list hero, formally known as Marvel’s Power Man, in modern day Harlem. Only two years...

This fall’s top TV series: ‘Young Sheldon’

Grant Reed, Staff Writer

October 12, 2017

The newest show to hit CBS as of September 2017 is called “Young Sheldon.” The series takes place in 1989 in eastern Texas and follows nine-year-old Sheldon Cooper who has a mind focused on advanced mathematics and science. “Young...

Bates Motel: The creepiest thriller on television

Aris Showers, IV Leader Opinion Editor

April 7, 2016

A&E hit a dark goldmine with its series Bates Motel. Season 4 is currently airing on A&E Mondays at 8 p.m. The show’s IMDB rating is 8 stars and it is well deserved. The show stars Vera Farmiga as Norma Bates, Freddie...

VMA performances reflect summer playlist

Michael Westerman

September 3, 2013

Watching this year’s VMA performances was like pressing shuffle on your summer playlist. All genres of mainstream music were represented from hip hop artists like Drake and Kendrick Lamar to pop stars like Katy Perry. All...

‘The Following,’ ‘The Americans’ premiered

Brent Bader, Columnist

February 28, 2013

It is that time of the year again, when new episodes of TV shows have returned to the airwaves after the winter holiday season and the networks start pilots for new shows.  With quite a few new shows beginning this winter, I...

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