‘Breaking Bad’ Comeback…

Is acclaimed ‘cooking show’ as good as critics say?

Bonnie Hall, Staff Writer

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The hit show Breaking Bad, airing from 2008-2013,
which earned a 9.5/10 rating on IMDb and 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, is having a resurgence in viewers and
popularity recently.
Memes of the main characters, Walter White and
Jesse Pinkman, have been circulating online, prompting newer generations of viewers of the show.
The show about a high school chemistry teacher
turned methamphetamine kingpin, follows Walter
White’s attempt to balance a half-mundane suburban
life and his illegal drug manufacturing business, and
how it all unravels.
Having just finishing the show myself, I asked students Sam Lucas and Leilani Landeros their thoughts.

What did you like most about Breaking Bad?

SL: I like how the show was about characters that are
bad people, but they still have likable qualities. We
sympathize with them because what they’re doing is
really interesting, and we somewhat relate to their
struggles of living mundane lives.
LL: The main thing I like about Breaking Bad was how
every character that was introduced had a background
and story. Everything comes full circle in the show.
Another thing I like about the show was the complex
relationships that they showed, especially how Jesse
Pinkman and Walter White cared for each other yet
made selfish decisions and had arguments with each
other. Hank and Marie’s relationship was complex like
that too.

Who was your favorite character and why?

SL: I like all the characters a lot. Every character is


really interesting to follow, especially Saul, Hank, and
Walter White, who is my favorite character. Walter is
my favorite character because he acts the way a lot of
people want to. Most people want to break free of their
boring lives, and he is a character that’s never afraid to
do that. If it weren’t for him there’d be no show. He’s
always pushing the plot forward in crazy unexpected
LL: This is a hard question because I liked a lot of
characters. One of my favorite characters was Hector
Salamanca because he was clearly a bad guy, but he
also was loyal and cared for his nephew Tuco. My second favorite character was Steve Gomez or “Gomie”.
No matter what, he was loyal and cared for Hank in
his darkest moments. His character is someone people
should look up to.

Would you recommend the show to others?

SL: I’d definitely recommend the show to others because it’s great from start to finish, and
it’ll keep you hooked. It’s one of the best shows of all time probably.
LL: I would recommend this show. I learned a lot about the DEA and how someone’s
actions can impact others and ruin a family. I also learned how you can find a bond with
people even if they aren’t necessarily family. Walter and Jesse had sort of a father-son bond
and relied on each other when they had nothing and no one else.