Bites of Pop Culture

Naomi Ochuba, IV Leader Staff

Bridgerton Takeoff 

If you do not have a Netflix subscription, this may be a good reason to get one, immediately. Netflix’s Bridgerton has captured tv screens across the world and continues to do so. It has garnered much praise since its release, and according to Variety, became the fifth-largest Netflix original series launch of all time. The show, based on the novel by Julia Quinn, premiered its first season on December 25th, focusing on eldest Bridgerton sister Daphne, and her search for love. It has already been picked up for a second season, which fans can expect to highlight a different sibling. 


Jeffree star and Kanye west

Well, 2021 definitely came in hot with Kanye West at the forefront of all this heat. It all started when a young TikTok user, Ava Louise, decided to stir up some drama on the app and beyond. Louise posted a video claiming that Kanye West was cheating on Kim Kardashian West with a male beauty guru. Ever so quickly, people decided that this guru had to be Jeffree Starr and it was not long before many Instagram accounts began spreading around the video, with the rumor eventually making its way to Twitter, where users ruthlessly dished out meme after meme. Starr seemed to be taking the allegations lightly as he also tweeted, “ I’m ready for Sunday Service,” a jab at the rapper’s grand church services. Although they never addressed the rumors, Vulture reports that the famous couple will be getting a divorce. It is unknown whether these rumors are the blame or not. pastedGraphic_1.png

Sex and the city reboot rebeef

Yes, it is happening. It was confirmed last Sunday that a spinoff of the hit HBO series is in the works. Three leads Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis took to Instagrams to announce the reboot to followers and fans. Elle magazine reports HBO’s confirmation of 10 episodes, all 30 minutes long. The spinoff will feature all but one of the four leads, Samantha, played by Kim Cattrall. Although not yet confirmed, there has been much speculation that Cattrall’s absence stems from previously existing tensions between herself and Parker. Fans took to Twitter and Instagram to discuss Catrall’s decision, prompting Parker’s response to one comment about their strained relationship. She denied the claim made by the fan saying that she disliked Catrall and proceeded to add that she would “always be a part of us.” There is no release date yet but production is set to begin in the spring.


Zendaya takes on new role

It is no question that there is little that Zendaya Coleman cannot do. Many have watched the young star’s take off since her Shake it Up days, and she continues to dominate Hollywood. This year audiences will see Coleman take on her most grown-up role, literally. She will star, alongside John David Washington, in the new Netflix film, Malcolm and Marie. This will be the first role where the Euphoria Star will not be playing a teenager. Fans are excited to finally see her play an adult, as Zendaya who is 24, is often cast in high school actions and dramas. The movie is shot entirely in black and white and according to PhillyVoice, was filmed entirely during the pandemic. It sees tensions rising in the relationship of a filmmaker and his girlfriend as they await his film’s reviews. Malcolm and Marie is set to premiere on February 5th on Netflix.