Should Disney princesses be realistic?

David Page, A & E Columnist
March 25, 2014
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Disney is well known for creating the “picture perfect” woman in animated media. Be it the very present innocence of Snow White, the bubbly quirkiness of Ariel, or even the intellectually independence of Belle, there is no denying that there are some similarities in appearance with them. But there... Read more »

“Frozen” is a Frosty Hit!

David Page, A&E Columnist
January 30, 2014
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Disney’s newest hit, Frozen, has shown once again why the ‘House of Mouse’ is still at the top of their game in these days. Allow me to explain in more detail. In the kingdom of Arendelle, the coronation of Queen Elsa, voiced by Broadway star, Idina Menzel, and her sister, Princess Anna... Read more »

Monster-U is a roaring hit

David Page, A & E Columnist
November 7, 2013
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We’re heading back to school with “Monster University,” with the return of Mike and Sully from the original Monsters Inc. In this film, we see how Mike and Sully first met at the prestigious Monsters University, and also how they became good friends, how they met some familiar faces like Randal,... Read more »

Singing vampires join Scooby Doo

David Page, Columnist
October 17, 2013
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I bet a lot of people would find the idea of a Scooby Doo musical being kind of odd, right, given that the entire franchise is based on the idea of four kids and their talking Great Dane going off and solving mysteries. But “Scooby Doo: Music of the Vampire” seems to be able to find a way to make... Read more »