Monster-U is a roaring hit

David Page, A & E Columnist

We’re heading back to school with “Monster University,” with the return of Mike and Sully from the original Monsters Inc.
In this film, we see how Mike and Sully first met at the prestigious Monsters University, and also how they became good friends, how they met some familiar faces like Randal, and how they were starting to get into the scaring business long before Boo showed up.
The plot is simple: Mike is a freshman in Monsters University, and he wants to be part of the scaring course. But the Dean, a scorpion/Dragon named Dean Hardscrabble, failed him and Sully after an argument caused them to show their short comings.
But with the advent of the Scare games, a university event that involves different groups from the collage, Mike joins in with a group called Oompa Kappa, a group of not-so threatening students, to go against the other groups.
With their teamwork, they get to the top, but what will they learn along the way?
This film is a pretty good prequel, a lot better than a sequel like “Cars 2.” It actually has a clearer storyline compared to the original film and has some interesting twists and turns on the past.
In addition to the friendship between Sully and Mike, new characters are introduced.
The story was kind of rushed at times, but it was really interesting in the long run from my point of view.