Summer, Fall registration opening soon

The Spring semester is more than halfway done, which means it’s time to start prepping for Fall and possible Summer classes. Tom Quigley, the Director of Admission and Records at Illinois Valley Community College, and Jim Moskalewicz, a counselor at IVCC, provided helpful information for students looking to figure out their future schedules.

Tom Quigley runs the department that deals with the registration process. This department opens registration and allows students to register online and in person. They also help first time students by setting up meetings with a counselor where they can then pick classes for their major.

Summer class registration opens April 4, and Fall registration classes opens up a week later on April 11, according to Moskalewicz.

Moskalewicz said there are several benefits totaking summer classes.

“By taking summer classes, you cut your workload down when you come in the fall, and they help students stay in sequence,” he stated.

Quigley added that if a student is an athlete and cannot take a specific course in the Spring or Fall, they could always do it in the Summer to get it out of the way.

Moskalewicz also mentioned that non-IVCC students can register for summer classes.

“You have to be will ing to grind away some summertime to take these courses,” he said to students on the bubble. “If you think it’s a good idea for you, do it, and we’ll talk you through it.”

If you have questions regarding FAFSA, Quigley advises talking to the Financial Aid office.

Moskalewicz urges students to come in and talk with the counselors when registering. He said, “It is not mandatory to come see us, but I discourage self-advising.”

He also urges to register fast because classes fill up quickly, and if you are seeking a specific professor you will want to register before you lose your chance.

The deadline for registering for classes for Fall runs into the semester. Once a class meets for the second time, you can no longer register for that class.

Finding out how to meet with counselors, picking classes and finding information about the new semester can be very stressful, but these could possibly help answer some questions you may have.