Foundation scholarship deadline approaching

Kendra Martin, Staff Writer

The deadline for all foundation scholarship applications is Feb. 9. Scholarships are open to everybody–there are no limitations. This even includes graduating high school students who are planning on attending IVCC in the fall. 

The application process is fairly simple, and completely online. There are over 200 scholarships available this upcoming year, providing plenty of opportunities for financial assistance. 

Foundation secretary Donna Swiskowski said, “We awarded $417,000 in scholarships this year.” 

She added, “They range a minimum of $500 up to $4,500. We do have a handful of scholarships that are full tuition for a student attending IVCC. A student can also get more than one scholarship. We’ve had a year where a student got four.”

In order to apply for a scholarship, students are required to fill out the FASFA form. For students unable to fill out a FAFSA, there is a link to the RISE Act alternate application on the website. To begin the process of applying, go to www.ivcc/scholarships and hit the “Apply Now” button.

“Students fill out one application for all of our scholarships available,” explained Swiskoski. “We don’t have individual applications… You answer all the questions, and it’s for everything that we have available. We used to have it where a student would do a separate essay and submit it, along with the application. Now, we’ve combined it for everything all online.”

The donors of the scholarship create the criteria. The most important part of the scholarship application is why you are attending, your profession and educational goals, and involvement and community service. Everything else asked is to prove you are eligible to apply.

 In order to stick out for a scholarship, it is recommended that students have a specific path in mind for their career.

Don’t forget to apply by Feb. 9!