Time to Plan for Spring 2023 Classes!

Drake Weber, IV Leader Writer

It is that time of the semester again, IVCC students need to prepare themselves for registration. The time is now that you should start seeing a counselor and picking your classes for Spring 2023 in order to stay on track with your academic goals. It is important to be prepared prior to selecting your classes for the Spring Session at IVCC. You are not just picking classes, you are planning your future.

Spring 2023 registration starts on Tuesday, November 1st with many options. According to Aseret Loveland (Assistant Director Admissions & Records) there are several ways to register for classes. She states, “Students can register online through WebAdvisor starting at 8:00 am and 9:00 am and by phone or in person- registration office/Ottawa Center.”

Loveland highly encourages students to meet with their counselor prior to the first day of registration. “It’s a smart move especially if a student plans to transfer beyond IVCC,” she said.

IVCC student Jake Wagner states, “Registering can be tricky sometimes for everyone. It requires patience and even luck to get it all correct on your first attempt.”

Prior to meeting with a counselor there is also preparation that can be done by the student. Loveland suggests that students should review their program of study and the guidesheet for their major. This can be done online at ivcc.edu/catalog. Loveland adds, “They can review

what courses are still required to fulfill their degree requirements and students can now review Spring 2023 courses offered on WebAdvisor.” She suggests students save their preferred courses to review with their counselor.

Why is it so important to register early? Jace Addis, a sophomore at IVCC says, “If you wait to register later you risk the chance of not getting the classes you need to graduate on time or to transfer to another college.” Furthermore, by registering early students can ensure to get in a course they may need for their preferred program. Another advantage of enrolling early Loveland states is that, “Students will have more flexibility by enrolling in courses that fit their personal lives and have the opportunity to determine if in person, online or hi-flex courses are a better fit.”

Therefore, Loveland stresses, “Stop in or call the counseling center at 815-224-0360 to meet with a counselor. The earlier, the better.”