‘Dune’ will be the next ‘Star Wars’

Stas C., Columnist

As fall approaches,
people will slowly migrate
into their homes to prepare
for winter. This is when
most people settle down and
turn on a show or movie in
the comfort of their warm
homes. One choice: “Dune.”

People who have seen
“Dune”know that there
is potential in the motion
picture reincarnation of the
book. Just like “Star Wars”
casts Luke Skywalker as the
main protagonist, “Dune”
has Paul Atreides.

The film,
much like “Star Wars,” takes
place in space and surrounding planets.

“Dune” focuses
heavily on breathe-taking
picture presentation much
like “Star Wars” and has
the potential to grasp any
viewer; tugging them into
the realm of Dune.

There is a reason Rotten
Tomatoes gave the movie an
88 percent and IMDd gave it
an 8/10. This stunning film
brings to life the beauty of
21st century cinematography and special effects.Combine this with an interesting
plot and great character development, and you see why
IMDd called it an “amazing
cinematic experience.”

Rather than rewatching “Dumb and Dumber”
because your boyfriend
is stuck in the mind of a
17-year-old, take control of
your night and request you
both go on an adventure to

If you are one of those
people who curls up in their
favorite position with Ruffus
and watches a flick, then
turn on Dune…and prepare
for a new and improved SciFi universe we all love.