Registration for Summer/Fall Classes

Ryan Grieves, IV Leader Staff

Registration for summer classes and the fall semester at Illinois Valley Community College is coming up fast, now only less than 1 month away.

Quintin Overocker, Director of Admissions, Records, & Transfer Services at IVCC said, “The single most important step a student can take is to meet with a Counselor to discuss their academic plan. Call (815) 224-0360 to set up a time to talk with a Counselor.” Regarding getting signed up,Overocker says, “Registration for Summer 2021 begins April 2; for Fall, April 8.”

If you tend to procrastinate, you may be happy to learn that you can sign up for courses pretty late if need be.

Overocker said, “Students can sign up for classes up until the 1st day of the term! But we strongly urge students to register as soon as possible because courses can fill up fast.” If you have your heart set on a few classes that you’re really hoping to attend, best keep early April marked on your calendar!

As many students know, classes have generally taken a different format from the norm this past year, with many operating completely remotely throughout this pandemic. Some may be curious as to how IVCC will proceed in the coming semesters as the world continues to deal with the pandemic.

“Summer will be primarily online/virtual, except for laboratory classes as well as Nursing and Career & Technical Education classes.” Overocker responded.

“At this time, as we look to transition out of the pandemic and return to what we remember what life used to be like, the Fall semester seeks to have a more reasonably balanced offering of classes that span across all instructional modes: online/virtual, blended, and face to face in-person,” says Overocker.

Many may wonder if the registration process has been affected by Covid-19. IVCC Counselor Valery Calvetti was reassuring, replying, “The registration process is exactly the same.”

Despite many changes to the way schooling operates due to the pandemic, students can rest assured knowing that signing up for classes remains unchanged. Students may be interested to know that you can also search for classes and create a schedule via WebAdvisor.

As a closing statement, Overocker remarked, “I’d like to thank all of our students for sticking with us, and am sincerely appreciative of and amazed by the resourcefulness and resilience they’ve displayed over the last year. We know the last 12 months have been tough, but we want all students to know that we’re here to help no matter what they’re going through.”