Devin Cook

Spencer Marquez, IV leader staff

Imagine waking up, going to work from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., then going to school, then going to either golf practice or a golf tournament. When thinking about this schedule, it may seem unrealistic. But, for Devin Cook, a student athlete at IVCC, it is an everyday occurrence.

Some college students find themselves focusing on schoolwork and not working a part time or full-time job, but in Cook’s words, “I love to work.” Devin is a full-time student at IVCC and is almost finished getting his electrical maintenance certification. He stated, “I’ve always had a knack for electrical, so I figured I might as well do it for a living.”

When Cook isn’t at school, you can find him at his job or on the golf course. He played golf at Saint Bede Academy for three years and also played for fun leading up to high school.

When asking Cook about his golf game, he chucked and replied, “my game is a work in progress; either I shoot really good or really not so good.”

 Cook has been a part of the IVCC golf program for two years and enjoys every minute of it.  His favorite memory of golf is winning the Duane Chaney invitational last season as a team.

“It was a good day to be a part of a great program,” Cook said.

 When Cook is not on the course, he is most likely working.

 “I am currently building condos right now in Princeton, but I’ll be looking for an electrical job this summer” he said.

Cook enjoys fixing things and working on older cars. He’s found a way to juggle his many activities.

“Well, I work, then golf, then schoolwork, then sleep,” He said.  Managing schoolwork is hard for any college student, but to have a job plus be in a sport sounds draining.

Cook’s coworker and fellow student athlete at IVCC, Ian Legner, said, “Devin never seems tired; it’s like he’s running on never ending batteries.  Devin’s future plans are to complete his electrical maintenance certificate at IVCC, then maybe go to an electrical school.”

 Cook’s dream job is to be a part of Ameren, a linemen company, and live somewhere around Princeton, Illinois. He wants to stay local after college due to being familiar with the area and loving this atmosphere.

When Cook has free time in his busy schedule, he like to fish, hunt, and spend time with his family. His family owns a few acres of land, which is good for both hunting and fishing.

After asking Cook if he had any big plans coming up, he replied “I can’t wait to go on my family’s annual fishing trip to Canada.”