An Update From The Trustee

Matthew Klein, Student Trustee

Hello everyone,

I hope your semester is going good. I hope we don’t see any more snow, as I’m ready for Spring!

Are you planning on applying for graduation? If so, you still have time. The application can still be turned in, even though the deadline has passed. Applications can be picked up and turned in at the counseling center, CTC 202.

I’d also like to thank everybody who attended a Lunch & Learn event. Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) and the Student Government Association were able to successfully host four sessions of local professionals that spoke about their profession.

The four professions were Business, Engineering, Healthcare, and Education. If you have suggestions for future sessions, please email at [email protected].

At the beginning of this semester, I asked everyone to get involved with at least one activity. How is that going?

If you haven’t found something you like, keep looking. If you haven’t looked yet, ask yourself why. I promise you’ll find something that you’re interested in.

If you happen to have midterms coming up soon, best of luck! The tests are 10 times easier if you start studying in advance, trust me.

If you don’t have a midterm coming up, then use this as a reminder that your semester is 50% complete. If you’re not on track, there’s still time.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at [email protected].