MIMIC celebrates 25th anniversary


IV Leader photo

Dorene Data shows a product that will be available at this year’s MIMIC Fair. MIMIC is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Antonio Escatel, IV Leader Staff

Come and celebrate 25 years of MIMIC on April 15 near the IVCC cafeteria. Dorene Data, one of the leaders of the organization, stated that MIMIC’s goal these past 25 years has been to expose students to a real-life environment to prepare them for the working world. “The best feeling is when students come back and say this was the best class they have ever taken,” Data stated.

The group started in 1994, where a group of teachers met in the Fireplace Lounge at IVCC and decided to put together a tech prep team. The teachers decided to have students MIMIC what will happen in real life on the job and the Making Industry Meaningful in College, acronym was created.

Since then, students in accounting, marketing, and CAD have worked together to create products. Each year, students come together to make a product, advertise it, and sell it at their annual fair, which is where the 25th anniversary will be celebrated. MIMIC is a part of the American Society of Engineering Educators. Because of this, students in MIMIC have had the opportunity to compete against other schools all over the country to show off what they have created. According to Data, students have had the opportunity to travel to places like Long Beach and even as far as Beijing, China. Make sure to look out for the portable desk, see-through birdhouses, cord organizers, cutting boards and skateboard clocks. There will be some of this year’s products as well as some from past years available for purchase. If you are interested in joining MIMIC, the group meets in the CTC building on Wednesdays.