Jazz Band Concert


Josh Woodward

Jazz band members perform at their concert on October 8, 2019

Josh Woodward, IV Leader Co-Sports Editor

The IVCC Jazz Ensemble performed on October 8. 2019 at 7:30 pm in the Dr. Mary Margaret Weeg Cultural Centre at IVCC’s main campus. This concert was free and open to the public.

IVCC’s Jazz Ensemble is comprised of a High School student, IVCC students, IVCC teachers, and members of the surrounding communities. These musicians are directed by Brandon Czubakowski.

While entering the cultural center the music goers tended to congregate towards the middle center rows for seating. This is due to whenever bands our orchestras perform, they push their music straight out in front of them. Therefore, the middle center section is the best place to sit to get perfectly even sound quality.

As the band came out the men were dressed in a white button-up shirt with ties and dark slacks, and the women all wore dark dresses. The clothes the band wore were more casual than most bands dress in. A big part of being dressed that way is as a Jazz Band, they’re supposed to be more casual than a typical Orchestra Band.

The setup of the band was in basic rows; the front row, left to right was tenor (soloist on the end), clarinet, altos, and then baritone; the second row was trombones, bass guitar, and percussion; third and final row was trumpets; and to the far right was the piano. The band had a very playful demeanor yet very professional.

Pieces chosen for this performance ranged from songs such as Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Haitian Fight Song, My Romance, and a few other pieces. These different pieces gave off an atmosphere that resembled a jazz club in the 1960s and had everyone toe-tapping. Every single piece was performed very well, and it made for great music going experience. Members of the audience enjoyed the different pieces and the numerous solos performed by the musicians.

To find out when the Jazz Band plays next pay attention to the IVCC website and check out the Happenings at IVCC section.