Scifest is ‘Fire’ From Year to Year: Science Clubs Team up to Bring New Attractions in 2019

Kacie Cusick, Social Media Manager

Illinois Valley Community College hosted its annual Scifest on Friday, April 19 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the gymnasium.

The event had free admission and was open to all.

Scifest is a collaboration between the physical sciences departments of IVCC, with some help from outside organizations such as the Ottawa Township High School chemistry club.

Scifest is a collection of stations, some to view and some to interact with, lining the entire gymnasium for people of all ages.

Many IVCC students volunteered their Friday night to work the stations.

Freshman student volunteer Sean Pou described, “Scifest was way more enjoyable than I thought. There were some awkward moments but the environment overall was fun and social.”

This year, the stations ranged from a hands on experience with Madagascar hissing cockroaches to chemistry demonstrations where bowling balls floated in fish tanks.

The event was made even sweeter by a liquid nitrogen ice cream booth where people could sample free ice cream made right before their eyes.

Scifest relies on the biology, chemistry, geology and physics departments for providing willing volunteers who can demonstrate their knowledge on the subject well. The event serves not only as an engaging learning opportunity but also as a sneak peek into what students get to do during their class time for potential incoming students to spectate.

Sophomore student volunteer Daniel Breyne said, “My favorite part of Scifest is seeing the kid’s faces light up when you show them one of the demos and how excited they get.”

IVCC professor and Chemistry Club advisor Dr. Matthew Johll served as an emcee for Scifest. He invited anyone who knew how to play a tune on the piano come to center gym and play for the crowd on a piano with flames that rose with each note.

As a whole, Scifest can be described as an exciting evening full of science experiments that prove that learning is exhilarating.

It is also a chance for IVCC to show off their many talented students who are eager to dedicate their time and efforts into the college.