Explore the Future

Elle Bottom, IV Leader Reporter

     Explore IVCC, an event for prospective and current students to explore all of the possibilities offered at IVCC, was executed on Nov.14.

     Before the event began, there was a brief presentation in the Cultural Center where students Clayton Zelenik and Lillian Rodregues talked about how IVCC has impacted them. Prospective students were then split up into breakout sessions to discuss potential majors and academic programs.

     Deans and facility were present to answer questions about classes, give tours of the labs and get students excited about attending IVCC. Topics that were also in discussion were financial aid, scholarships, student support services and transfer services. 

     Student Ambassadors were also giving tours to prospects and also shared their experiences. 

     Prospects were encouraged to fill out an evaluation at the end, and if  they turned it in, they received a free IVCC t-shirt.