Farewell part III

(Thanos Has snapped his fingers and this person is fading away from the newspaper…)

Rachel Einhaus, Opinion Editor

After graduation, I will be heading off to Northern Illinois University where I will continue to study journalism and psychology.

It will be a huge change, and I will miss this paper and school tremendously.

This school is so blessed to have the quality of a newspaper that we do. We have won so many awards just in my time of working with the paper and so many awards beforehand.

I am looking forward to continuing to watch the paper grow stronger and better as years go on. This paper has been the highlight of my time at IVCC.

I had the pleasure of working with the past student trustee Matt Pehoski, and the current trustee Joseph Marenda. They have worked extremely hard to inform the student body of the new happenings here at the school and Marenda has a great agenda to assist you in the upcoming year.

I could not thank our advisor Lori Cinotte for all I have learned through this experience and Martha Hoffman for all the work she puts into this.

Summer Hoagland-Abernathy has a lot of potential as next year’s editor and chief and I definitely can’t wait to see what she puts on the table.

Good luck with end-of-year finals and have a wonderful summer.