‘Send Me No Flowers’ revisited

Shelby Testa, Columnist

“George, your hypochondria is showing!”

The movie “Send Me No Flowers,” starring Doris Day and Rock Hudson, is a 1964 classic worth watching. “Send Me No Flowers” is about George Kimble, a hypochondriac, his wife, Judy Kimble, and their good friend Arnold.

George Kimble takes a simple trip to the doctor for a sharp pain in his chest, but after the doctor takes a listen to his “ticker,” the doctor gets a phone call about another patient.

Curious George was listening on the other side of the bathroom door in the office. After listening to the conversation, George mistook the information about another patient as his own personal medical records.

George believes his fate is to die due to the “old ticker” going out. Throughout the movie, George believes he is going to die and tries to find a new suitable husband for his soon-to-be-widowed wife, with the help of his neighbor and friend, Arnold.

Judy, the uninformed wife, believes George is acting strange and begins to think he is cheating.

Toward the end, everything turns out as it is supposed to in movies, and it is a happy ending.

The severeness of George Kimble’s hypochondria is what adds to the comedy factor of the movie.

Throughout the movie, he believes he is dying, when in reality, he is assuming that what he heard was about him.

The banter between the couple is hilarious, and the good neighbor Arnold is the supporter of George and really feels for George’s “passing.”

Older movies understand the natural and original type of comedy, rather than the violent comedy in newer movies.

The team of Rock Hudson and Doris Day sparkles with chemistry, true laughter and enjoyment. “Send Me No Flowers” is a great classic color movie to watch for a night in.