Edible Car Contest to be held in cafeteria

Alyssa McCauley, Staff Writer

IVCC’s annual Edible Car contest race will take place on Wed, Feb. 22, at noon in the cafeteria, and the judges will be viewing the cars prior to the race
beginning at 10a.m. 
Anyone can enter this contest as long as they are in a group of two people and can build a car entirely out of food. Cars must have at least three wheels in order to be raced.
Prizes will be given for the fastest car, and other trophies that will be made up prior to the unveiling.  The fastest cars are not the only ones who can receive prizes.
In previous years prizes have been awarded to the car “most likely to fail” or the car that looked “most nutritious.” Women are encouraged to be a
part of the race too. “There are not nearly as many women as there are men in STEM,” according to Dorene Data, IVCC’s computer aided drafting program instructor.
STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The STEM program began running an annual Edible Car contest in 2004 to introduce students to the program.
“This contest is a great way to bring people together and to have a good time also to bring highschool students to IVCC to tour our building.”
IVCC runs a program called Mimic, which allows students to apply real life job situations totheir lives as a student. Mimic brings together the students of the STEM fields to build a project and attempt to sell it to the public. This club is a great way to understand how the STEM field careers will work together.