Water main break affects D and E buildings

Stray rock suspected as culprit responsible for damage

Rachel Einhaus, IV Leader Assistant Opinion Editor

An estimated $100,000 of damage was caused by a Nov. 15 water main break at IVCC, according to Scott Curley, Director of Facilities.

These costs come in the form of loss of equipment and water main damage: 30-35 feet of sewer line and 45 feet of 8 feet wide concrete.

The cause of the break is not known for certain. Curley believes it was likely caused by a rock rubbing on the pipe because there was wear on the pipe where the rock would have been. The rock would have been rubbing on the pipe for several years. He thinks the resulting weakness may have caused the pipe to burst.

Classes should be back to normal by Dec. 5. The repairs will not be done, but the goal is to get enough accomplished that students can return to intended classrooms.

Curley hopes to move quickly but do the job correctly and believes that outside contractors will help IVCC do so because of their ability to perform well.

In the meantime, the disruption has inconvenienced students and faculty.

“It was hard trying to find my criminal justice class because it went from the basement to the third floor,” student Christina Fuentes said.

There were five classrooms and two forensic crime scene labs that had to be relocated into new rooms. The temporary classroom changes are posted on the monitors in CTC.