Counselors offer tips to combat end-of-semester struggles

Hannah Smith, IV Leader Staff Writer

IVCC has counselors available to provide short-term help to students suffering from anxiety, depression and other varying issues.

The main service offered through the counseling office at IVCC is P-CAP, or Personal Counseling Assistance Program.

This service provides confidential and professional counseling assistance to enrolled students in emergency situations.

“Our counselors are professionally trained in mental health, personal development, and relationship issues, making them able to provide immediate short term assistance,” counselor Melissa Killian explains.
This means, in the event a student experiences a crisis or emergency while on campus, they will receive priority attention in the Counseling Center, located in CTC 202.

Students must indicate at the front desk that they are experiencing a personal or urgent issue, in order to be given first priority.
IVCC counselors may also refer students to professionals within the community, if the student requires long-term help. This can include a general physician, counselor or psychiatrist. Referrals options to see a specialist can be discussed anytime a student speaks with an IVCC counselor.

Students may be reluctant to seek help for any reason.

However, Killian says, “Anxiety, depression and other mental health issues, in varying degrees, are fairly common, and can interfere with performance in college.”

Because of the tie between academic performance and mental health, Killian said IVCC students are encouraged to utilize the college’s resources in order to better succeed.