New semester begins with class resolutions

As the new year rolled in, so did new semester resolutions. College students should start the semester with a set of goals for each class. Resolutions will help target goals and keep the energy to achieve it.

The most helpful thing in a class is the syllabus it’ll give you the exact expectations for the course. The first day of class allows you to get a feel of the professors teaching methods and from there you can start your resolution’s list.

I feel at this point you’ll have a mindset of what’s going to work best for you in that class. The moment you entered a classroom you were a success, but in order to keep it, you must initiate it from within you.

I’ve learned breaking up my college courses into two categories helps me initiate my goals. The categories are based on my interest level, more so or not so much.

Honestly, for me I don’t want to think too hard. When I say that I mean the classes I’m more interested in learning, I tend to do better in.  So, I sprinkled a little of that interest of positivity on those classes I didn’t enjoy and made it through. I know you can do the same.

I’m also a big believer in recycling my professors. If I enjoyed one of their classes, I’ll take a different course with them. Well, my gluttonous behavior showed when I took a few of Professor Kimberly Radek’s classes.
This is what Radek said on what excites her about teaching, “I think opening people minds too many different interpretations of reality.” Most importantly, Radek said she’d like her students to “see themselves better and consider other people more compassionately.” I think students will definitely be inspired, by professors that show enthusiasm for their craft.

I realized by mid semester the class I was struggling with I had to build my own momentum of positivity to stay focused. We all have those moments when we just don’t understand a class and bask in the struggle.

I encourage you to ask your professors for help. There were plenty of times I didn’t want to even ask, but I was encouraged, by my counselor to do so.

The outcome of asking for help, made me feel better and strive harder for the interest of positivity.

There are, also tutors in the learning commons and some of them are students, so they understand.

All students must take the initiative, set up resolutions early and when there’s a struggle address it.

Project Success counselor Cynthia Cardosi indicated asking for help, “is the first step, but when students follow through and maintain motivation throughout the semester you see more success that way.”

Always strive for positivity, because the type of vibes you put into something is what you get back.