Going full speed at full time:

Lexi Mink, Staff Writer

This year’s Outstanding Part-Time Instructor is no longer part-time.

Dan Serafini, the 2015 Outstanding Part-Time Instructor recipient and statistics enthusiast, succeeded Cindy Schultz, who retired, and teaches five math classes.

Serafini earned a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s degree in mathematics from Illinois State University, then taught math at Putnam County High School for nine years and at LaSalle-Peru Township High School for six. Finally five years ago, he landed the job he’s always wanted at IVCC.

Though he began as a part-time math instructor, he had his eye on a full-time position and when the opportunity came, he was eager to accept. He says that the learning environment and supportive staff is what made him want to take this position. He also loves the age group and the variety of students IVCC has to offer. Besides, he’s passionate about teaching.

Along with his classes, he also has many other responsibilities. In the Learning Center on Wednesdays, Serafini will be happy to help with any math questions. He’s also the head of a committee called Bridging the Gap, which helps high school seniors prepare better for college math.

Not only does he work with high school students, he is also constantly reviewing universities’ math programs so that transfer students will be better prepared.

He’d love to add a second class in statistics “to expand on all the things we could not cover in just one semester.” He also wishes to, someday, get a chance to teach calculus.