The boy with the ginger hair: Ed Sheeran in concert

The boy with the ginger hair: Ed Sheeran in concert

It’s hard to believe how far the ginger, English singer/songwriter, Ed Sheeran, has come into the music industry in the last few years. Before his single “The A Team” started making noise across the pond here in the United States, Americans weren’t all that aware of this young singer’s talent.

Now, after the release of his second album X, it’s difficult to find someone who, at the very least, doesn’t recognize any of Sheeran’s catchy songs. Not to mention his completely sold-out tour.

Thankfully, one of his concerts took place nearby, up in Rosemont at the Allstate Arena. Arriving nearly three hours before the show, queues of spastic fan girls were already going around the building. All levels of fan girls were in attendance from the face-painted, poster-bearing, homemade-t-shirt-wearing girls to the more subdued fans that stood in line silently waiting to be allowed inside.

Once the doors opened to the ticket holders, the arena was instantly flooded with fans of all shapes and sizes and ages. Mobs convened in front of tables to be wrist-banded while others made mad dashes for bathrooms, food, and most importantly, the merchandise. After sifting carefully through the crowds and buying a couple t-shirts, it was time to join the horde on the main floor of the arena.

Squeezing into the mass, my sister and I were able to get a good view of the stage. The opening act was one that most Americans have probably never heard of, a techy, indie-pop band called Rudimental. Their songs were memorable, full of good beats that kept you moving and meaningful lyrics.

After the English band’s first couple songs, however, you could feel the impatient tension growing, the yearning for that first glimpse of that wild orange hair to appear on stage. Not soon enough (depending on who you asked), Rudimental gave their final bows and announced that Ed Sheeran, the man of the hour, was coming up next.

Unfortunately, there was a short stage change between the acts, which only caused the buzz of anxiety to grow into a roar. This same roar exploded into a cacophony of applause and screams as the lights dimmed and he stepped on stage.

What happens for the next two and a half hours all blurs together. Simply being one man and his guitar with loop pedals, Ed Sheeran captivated his audience right away. He kept the energy high, even during the slower ballads that reach into young girls’ hearts and make them swoon.

Sheeran kept the audience deeply involved, determined that his fans will leave the arena with no voices. He encouraged everyone to sing their hearts out, just as he did. With bits of witty humor, Sheeran had no trouble keeping the audience entertained between the songs.

All too soon, he announced his final song. The second he was finished, Sheeran made his way off stage despite the crowd’s pleas for his return. He did not disappoint; Sheeran stepped back on stage and gave a three-song encore to his greedy, lovable fans. If the crowd had it their way, of course, the musician would never leave the stage.

All in all, Ed Sheeran is quite the entertainer. He knows how to keep the audience happy. Any and all fans of this foreign red head should try their hardest to see this talented singer. It is definitely a sight worth seeing, and more importantly, hearing.