Music gives ‘satisfaction to the soul’

Laura Keppy, Staff Writer

Everybody has their own taste in music, a specific genre that appears enticing to them. But if the beat and band is taken out and nothing is left but the lyrics there may be a lot of similar responses to how the lyrics makes a person feel. It’s in that moment, when an understanding of what the story of a song is trying to tell you that one can grasp a relation.

In fact, a lot of times the genre a person wants to listen to really relates to what the message of the song is relaying. For instance, let’s say somebody is trying to get over someone, lyrics such as the following may be something to connect with: “I can normally push you right out of my heart, but I’m too tired to fight. Yeah the whole thing begins, and I let you sink into my veins… and I feel the pain like it’s new.” – Rascal Flatts “Come Wake Me Up.”

Or maybe it is Carrie Underwood’s lyrics that give a positive taste to a goodbye: “Sometimes life leads you down a different road, when you’re holding on to someone that you gotta let go. Someday you’ll see the reason why- sometimes, yeah sometimes there’s good in goodbye.”

People turn to music when they want a relation to how their current emotions are.

Health journalist Adam Ramsay said, “Listening to a song can have a real effect on various parts of the brain.”

The best proof to that is how you feel after listening to music. How do you feel when you get done listening to one of your favorite songs? It’s a feeling of satisfaction right? Like your day is a fraction more complete now that you’ve listened to something you like.

Music provides a satisfaction to the soul — and the lyrics that artists are revealing is just another thing us as human beings like to relate to.