Lady Eagles win controversial turnover fest

Lady Eagles win controversial turnover fest

Sam Brolley, IV LEADER Sport Writer

The referees proved their athleticism

Nov. 2 by running their tails off to the

locker room when the game clock at IV’s

home court hit all zeroes. Daley College’s

team was more hesitant.

After IVCC took a three-point lead

with less than 20 seconds to go, a Daley

player made a successful long-range shot

near the three-point line. The horn

sounded and the officials did not signal a

three-point play, ending the game.

Despite protests from the Chicago

team’s players and coaches, the Lady Eagles

prevailed 56-55.

IVCC led by double digits for parts of

the game but myriad second-half

turnovers and air balls kept the contest

close. Daley committed 17 turnovers

themselves but had the advantage in rebounding.

Free throws proved to be the deciding

factor in this battle of vertically challenged

rosters as IV made 12, while the Bulldogs

hit only three.

In the middle of the second half, sophomore

Kara Kistenfeger broke a long

Lady Eagles scoring drought by draining

a three and then two free throws. She finished

with 12 points.

CJ Rhodes and Karly Near joined

Kistenfeger in the double figures category

with 16 and 11 points, respectively.

Daley College’s Jacqueline Barajas led

all scorers with 19 points.