Gunia plans to be voice for students

Taylor Gunia, Student Trustee

Hello, all IVCC students and staff!
For anyone who does not know me, my name is Taylor Gunia and I am your new Student Trustee for 2013-2014!
I thought to start off I would tell a little about myself. I am currently finishing up my freshman year here at the college, and let me say, it has gone by extremely fast!
This past fall I competed on the Lady Eagles volleyball team, where we went 22-14 on the season. I am a defensive specialist on the court, so it is my job to dig up balls all game long. I also served as a co-captain this season as a freshman, which was a special feeling since our team voted on the positions. I encourage everyone to come out this coming fall and watch the team!
I am currently studying to be a veterinarian. I am looking to leave IVCC with biology as my major and continue onto University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana after next year. Maybe someday I could even be your pet’s doctor!
Most of my days are spent down in the Biology lab where I work. If you are ever trying to find me there is a great chance that is where I am!
In the upcoming year, I am really looking forward to being the voice of the student body. The student trustee position will allow me to listen to all the ideas on campus and try to help out as best as I can.
I am a very hard worker, so if there are any issues or new ideas please bring them to my attention! I roam around campus a lot, so be my guest and come right up to me and talk! I will gladly make the time for each and every person!
If there is ever a chance I cannot be found and you have a concern, do not hesitate to email me at [email protected]
There are many great things to be done here on campus and I hope we can all get them done together! Have a great day!