Band grows with album

Morgan Jakielski, Collumnist

The new Black Veil Brides album “Wretched and Divine” was just released on Jan. 8.  This cd is Black Veil Bride’s first attempt at a story album, throughout the album they keep the theme of F.E.A.R. and fighting to keep individuality.

The album overall is very good however it was a little misleading about the length.  Initially when looking at the cd it appears to have eighteen tracks, which is amazing for albums these days, however a few of those tracks are just F.E.A.R. transmissions, each lasting under a minute.  If the band had instead added the transmissions as intros to their tracks or as an endnote I feel like it would be less misleading to the listeners.

The album shows incredible growth for the band, it shows each member and how they have evolved in skill level and on a professional level.  They keep the album clean so it is appropriate for all audiences.  The album features Bert McCracken from The Used in one of their tracks, so if you are a fan, you should give it a listen.

The album is an overall statement about outcasts and creativity, inspiring individuals to get out in the world and be unique, no matter who looks down on you.  If you like guitars and inspiring lyrics I recommend you go out and get a copy at the nearest record store, despite the transmissions the album is really good.  I give it an eight out of ten overall.