SGA results announced


Sack was elected student government President in April

IVCC recently held its student trustee election, with Libby Boyles winning the position. Boyles, an 18-year-old finance major from Princeton, is already an active participant in the Freshman Programming Board and is seeking to further her involvement by becoming a voice for the student body at monthly board meetings. Her goal is to be an advocate for the student body and help bring positive changes to the college.

The election also saw Daniel Sack elected as President, Drew Knipper as Vice President, Riker Fesperman as Secretary, and Katie Bates as Treasurer. Sack, a 25-year-old accounting major from Walnut, aims to use his bilingual skills and diverse background to make changes that positively impact the learning community. According to Sack, “Some of my plans for the upcoming semester are to get all the events that IVCC has to offer in one calendar app, including sports events. It does not have to be an app like Ellucian Go but rather a built universal subscription calendar for iPhone, Android, and Windows with all the events that the school has, that way we all are informed as to what is happening in our academic year”. This is only one plan that President Daniel Sack plans to accomplish.

Knipper, a 19-year-old foreign language major from Princeton, believes that IVCC SGA needs strong leaders who are willing to step up and get things done. He wants to be a good representative for students by voicing their opinions to the IVCC administration. His goals include ensuring that the student body is heard and knows how to get their voice heard and offering more student activities to make the college atmosphere more welcoming.

Fesperman, a 17-year-old social studies major from La Salle, wants to serve the student body, and bring his experience to student government. His election goals are to better the college experience for all students by listening to their concerns and bringing them to the SGA. He believes in IVCC and wishes it to be an inclusive and welcoming space for all people. Fesperman pledges to be open and willing to listen to all students.

Bates, a 19-year-old secondary education mathematics major from Princeton, aims to be a voice for the student body and wants to be a part of improving student opportunities and activities. Her goal is to improve student life at IVCC and create more options for students to participate in.

The newly elected SGA executive board is excited to begin their term and work towards making the student experience at IVCC the best it can be. They plan to work closely with the student body, faculty, and administration to ensure that student voices are heard and that their needs are met. Congratulations to Libby Boyles, Daniel Sack, Drew Knipper, Riker Fesperman, and Katie Bates on their successful election!