Beauty out West

Across our amazing country there are millions of sights to see…and none are as breathtaking as a trip to the west. Last week I got the opportunity to travel to Montana, and here are my thoughts on the eighth most beautiful state in the country!


The state is 150,000 square miles to begin with. That makes it the fourth largest state in the country; falling behind giants such as Alaska and Texas.


A massive open web of plains make up the east of the state. Nothing but open sky country and wildlife, with occasional ranges and Indian reservations covering the east.


The real beauty is shown as we traveled west. Here the plains turn suddenly into mountains; growing in size. Ponderosa pine tree forests begin to emerge, covered in magnificent powdered snow.


Roads begin to diverge into the mountains, and take a slight amount of skill to maneuver. Unexpected weather only adds to the experience.


As treacherous as this may seem, the unparalleled views are unmistakable. There is nothing like driving 20 minutes up a mountain to be suddenly surprised with a birds eye view over the terrain.


The air begins to feel crisp and full of authenticity. Breezes gush through your hair and chill you to the bone with the legitimation of nature.


Arriving in the upper north-west of the state introduces a visitor to one of the most gorgeous places in America. Glacier national park; home of melting glaciers, and alpine forests. 


It is safe to say that there are few states in America that can rival the brilliance and aesthetic of Montana.