IVCC spring course format

During the spring 2022 semester here at IVCC, classes will be offered in different formats. One of the options includes “flexible delivery” classes. Dean of Learning Resources Patrice Hess provided the following website for students to further look into; www.ivcc.edu/onlinelearning/blended.php.

She said that students can also look into www.ivcc.edu/flex to see what classes are offered in the flexible delivery format. For example, classes such as Accounting, Book Keeping, and Basic Composition are offered in the in-person/virtual class meeting category where attendance is required. Classes such as Art Survey, Reporting, Foundations of Algebra, and International Relations are offered in the flexible attendance category where these classes require flexible attendance and participation.

If these classes are not identified in the class schedules, students are recommended to contact an instructor if they have questions regarding how the class is going to be taught.

If a class is taught online, the location on the schedule will say WEB – Online. If the class is going to be taught in-person, then the location will read a room number and a specific building. If the class is Blended, then the location will read BMC – Blended Main Campus, or BOC – Blended Ottawa Center.