Past to present: Evolving aspirations

Hope Beelman, IV Leader Editor

Sabrina Belmonte

Despite her desires to be a ballerina, real estate agent, or architect, Belmonte always knew that she wanted to be a businesswoman. She is currently majoring in Business with the hopes of being able to run her own and support others, primarily Hispanic businesses. Belmonte developed her own Latinx apparel brand, She enjoys marketing and social media management as well.

Alec Johnson

Growing up, Johnson had aspirations of being a dentist or orthodontist as well as working for NASA. He is currently working toward his doctoral degree in the field of Quantum Physics and also wishes to pursue a master’s in both Organic Chemistry and one in the mathematics field. Johnson plans to be a researcher and continue on to be a teacher in hopes of educating the future.

Yulissa Juarez

Although Juarez may have been inclined to be a teacher when she was younger, her interest in sixth grade of bones led her to what she is currently studying, Radiology. Juarez hopes to impact people in a positive way and her involvement in the medical field ties into her desire to help others. Juarez wants some-thing bigger than herself out of life and wishes to live a fulfilling life outside of school.