National Coming Out Day


IV Leader Staff

IVCC and JRN 1001 students Itzia Casas and Madison Miranda promote the National Coming Out Day message board for students to participate in.

National Coming Out Day was observed Oct. 11 at IVCC with a message board featuring supportive thoughts for the LGBTQIA population in the college’s Student Life Space.

Students posted messages including:

  • “Don’t let them say you aren’t valid. You are!”
  • “No matter what, someone is always proud of you.”
  • “You are worthy. You are loved. You are wanted. You are everything. You are NOT alone.”

Students were able to choose from a variety of stickers and pins as well as sign up for a T-shirt drawing. Winners of the T-shirts were Chloe Bruce, Aurora Wiltfong, Perris Stachlewitz, Arianna Tanas, Leah Meyers, Marissa Boehm, Joshua Mattingly, Alyssa Franklin, Jentsie Petersen, Haley Roalson, Jalen Brown, Latrell Coulter and Madison Spicer.

IVCC has a chapter of Gay/Straight Alliance on campus. The club plans to meet on Oct. 27. Students interested in joining should contact [email protected] or [email protected].

Activities for National Coming Out Day were sponsored by the college’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee in conjunction with the JRN 1001, Introduction to Mass Media class. In addition to the table in the Student Life Space, the class compiled a narrated slideshow featuring famous people who identify as LGBTQIA.