Lady Eagles softball team ready for season


The Illinois Valley Community College Softball Team has already begun practices to prepare for their upcoming season. Necessary changes were made to accommodate the Covid guidelines in order to keep everyone safe from the ongoing pandemic. The team has been adapting to these changes and they are ready for the season to begin.

The Eagles Women’s Softball Team practices four days a week with adjustments made because of the Coronavirus. Coach Tommason states that “players will wear masks when in huddles, in the dug-out, or within 6 feet from others.” This rule goes for both practices and games.

The team has their first game of the season on March 25th at home. They are scheduled to play 30 games and the Region IV Tournament. According to Coach Tommason, the Athletics Department is currently creating a policy regarding the attendance of fans at the softball games.

Due to the pandemic, Coach Tommason and his women’s softball team have had to adapt to many new changes. According to Tommason, “the Softball Team would usually be traveling to Florida over spring break to play their first games. Due to Covid, this is not a possibility. While this is a huge disappointment for the players, it is necessary.”

He adds that another change is the team will not host the Softball Clinic for the youth: “This event usually attracts about 100 participants and is a great way for our players to interact with younger players.”

Another change is the mandatory use of wearing a mask. He states, “While it may be inconvenient, it is again necessary. It is a small price to pay for getting to play games.” Although these are significant changes the team has had to make, he said that not many other changes have been made.

He does not think the changes that have been made will affect the team’s performance. The team has still been able to bond with one another. Tommason states, “the team was able to practice in the fall, so everyone was already pretty comfortable. Right now, everyone seems to be on the same page, and we are just ready to start playing games.” Freshman player Brooke Shirley adds, “I am excited for the upcoming season I think we will be a tough team to beat!”

The pandemic has had some significant and minor setbacks to the team. The Lady Eagles softball team is still excited to participate in this upcoming season. If you are interested in being a part of the team, you can contact Cory Tomasson at [email protected] or call 815-224-0471 for more information.