Sign up for fall and summer classes

Tessa Dunne and Sam Obermiller

By: Tessa Dunne and Sam Obermiller


The list of classes for the Summer and Fall sessions came out and are available. Students are able to go see their counselor to start signing up for summer classes whenever they want. The actual day for registration is April 3 for summer classes and April 9 for fall classes. 

While interviewing Overocker through email, he gave solid advice for students looking to register.

 The main topic that was discussed was the importance of students signing up for classes as soon as possible. If not enough people sign up for a class, it may be taken off the schedule.

During an interview with IVCC’s counselor Gary Sonnenberg, he said, “Classes get filled, therefore students won’t get the class they want.”  

For example, if only four people sign up to be in an elective class, there is no point for that teacher to teach it. On the other hand, if too many students sign up for the same class, they may not be allowed in due to space restrictions. 

When asked about when one should start thinking about registering, Overocker responded: 

Registration for Summer classes begins on April 3. For Fall, it begins April 9. On those days students can register online at 9am or in-person and by phone at 10am. With that in mind, it’s never too early to meet with a counselor to discuss courses for Summer and/or Fall. Counselors get crazy busy in the weeks leading up to registration, so schedule an appointment now to avoid waiting.

Finally, when asked about new students who are unsure about the process, his advice was to talk to the counselors early and often, they are there to help make sure students succeed.

In fact, Gary Sonnenberg is a great counselor at IVCC. While interviewing him, he informed me what classes I needed to take and what I could do to go about them. He also mentioned that “word spread,” meaning that once people start signing up for classes more students sign up and classes start ro fill.  

Registration for summer classes does not start until April 3, but students are still able to go to their counselor and get classes lined up. Therefore, when registration comes, they can go into the office and hand one of the faculty members their blue paper and they will set up the classes for you. 

If you are a student who likes to do things on your own, you are able to register for your classes yourself through the IVCC website.