Women’s Soccer Season Summary


IVCC Athletic Department

IVCC women’s soccer team plays the ball

The IVCC Eagles ladies started off their season with a bang when they won five straight games before encountering their first loss against Harper College and the game ended 2-4.

The girls season went a bit pear shaped when they started encountering a few losses on the trot but managed to find their rhythm towards the later stages of the season.

The girls was side was Lead by head coach, Ray Arteaga who Led the girls to their best soccer season in IVCC history. His side was captained by five ladies and their names were, Sabrina Poole, Mia Preciado, Madison Bean, Mya Hewitt and Mikayla Ferguson. Two out of those five ladies will be returning to IV next year and they are Sabrina Poole and Madison Bean.

The ladies’ season was an entertaining one as they went to three shutouts which did not make life easy for coach Ray. The IVCC goalkeeper, Mia had a save percentage of 0,850 and conceded a total amount of 12 goals throughout her season. The ladies top goal scorer was Sabrina Poole who scored seven goals out of the ladies 20 during the season.

The ladies will hopefully be looking to be more clinical next year as they had 110 shots at goal throughout the season and only scoring 20. If they could improve in this area of the field, they’ll surely find themselves going deeper into the playoffs and maybe end up winning next year. The ladies’ managed 17 assists and the player with the most assist was Mya Hewitt.