IVCC Chem Club Celebrates National Chemistry Week

Liza Buhr

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On Oct. 24, the Chemistry Club hosted its traditional mol run of 6.022×1023 zeptometers on the track to celebrate National Chemistry Week. In other words, 602.2 meters, which is about one and a half laps around the track. Students from chemistry classes and Chem
Club gathered in the chemistry lab prior to the run to enjoy homemade ice cream and to watch experiments by Chemistry Professor,
Larry Ault, who was assisted by a few chemistry students.

The first experiment, “Milk, Water, and Wine” was demonstrated by Co-President Thomas Molln and Vice President Eli Kunkel. The experiment displays how water undergoes a sequence of chemical reactions when it is poured from one cup to another. This gives the illusion of the water being turned into wine and milk.

The second experiment that was performed was called, “Elephant Toothpaste.” Ault was assisted by Co-President Michael Stoens during this experiment where hydrogen peroxide, potassium iodide, and dish soap are added to a graduated cylinder. This then creates a reaction forcing the substance backout of the graduated cylinder.

The final experiment before the mol run was shown by Molln and Stoens. The two were using this experiment to demonstrate the ideal gas law. “Assuming the pressure inside the balloon stays constant, the volume of the balloon is directly proportional to the temperature,” Stoens explained. Meaning that placing the balloon in liquid nitrogen decreases the temperature inside the balloon and causes the volume to decrease as well. When the balloon is removed from the liquid nitrogen its temperature and volume both being to rise.

Out at the track, about 40 students showed up to either run or walk the 6.022×1023 zeptometers of distance. Some students earned extra credit for participating in the walk/run, while others were there to hang out with friends. The walk was a non-competitive way to participate, while the runners toed the line to be more competitive.

Other events of the week included, a bake sale and cookout to raise funds for to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). In particular, the club was raising money for Sci-Fest, which is an annual event that takes place in the IVCC gym.