IVCC Students ‘Prone’ to Musical Talent

Kacie Cusick, Social Media Manager

Make some room in your playlist for a new local band you are about to fall in love with: Prone.

Prone is a music group new to the scene that consists of IVCC student Joey Trupiano and some of his talented peers including Bailey Banks, Kaedon Cronkright, Cameron Rodeghier and Jonah Sharp.

Trupiano explained, “The idea came about when me and Jonah ran into each other at the Song + Story event in Ottawa where local musicians play original music. We saw people play music there and thought, ‘We could do that.'”

Trupiano and Sharp performed their first gig together at Red Dog Grill, and shortly after, a second performance was held at Tangled Roots open mic night in Ottawa.

The other members joined in to officially complete Prone not too long after. As a whole, the group played a very well received performance at Ottawa’s local coffee shop, Jeremiah Joe, on New Year’s Day.

Crowd member Noah Taylor recalls the event as, “I think once they got comfortable with the crowd and kinda got used to it they really did an amazing job, especially the Tower of Babel song.”

What can we expect in the future?

Trupiano says, “We haven’t booked any future shows yet but we hope to get something set up soon. We do a mix of originals and covers. We have about seven original songs by me, Jonah and Kaedon and we are going to be making more as we play together more. We also like to play around with covers of old songs that are more recognizable to the audience.”

For more information about Prone and upcoming events, follow their official Instagram page @prone_band.