Student Government Association Elections: Candidate Information

Summer Hoagland-Abernathy , IV Leader Editor

Haley Fittanto Candidate for sophomore representative Major: Psychology High School: Mendota High School Age: 19 Why are you seeking office? I want to be more involved in IVCC and make the campus interactive and enjoyable enough for students to want to stay when their classes are over. What are your goals, if elected? If elected, I plan to meet with club leaders regarding activities and fundraising ideas as well as interests of their members and consult the student body about what would make their experience at IVCC more enriching.

Matthew Klein Candidate for student trustee Major: Business/Communications High School: LaSalle-Peru High School Age: 18 Why are you seeking office? I am seeking the position of Student Trustee for one sole reason: the students. The Student Trustee sits on the IVCC board and is the voice for the entire student body. I am not afraid to voice my opinion and would love the opportunity to represent all IVCC students. What are your goals, if elected? Since college is for students, it only makes sense that students have a voice, as this college would not exist without them. I will ensure their concerns are not ignored and are taken seriously. I will also post updates after each board meeting with anything students should know about.

Kaitlyn Ruppert Candidate for president Major: Communications High School: St. Bede Academy Age: 18 Why are you seeking office? I am seeking office to become a voice for the student body. I want to share goals, interests, and concerns emanating from my peers. I am a good leader and responsible. This opportunity would also allow me to learn more about myself and help me strive to become a better student and peer to others. What are your goals, if elected? If I am elected I would like to set an example of hard work to my fellow classmates, be a communication bridge between the student body and faculty, and continue to represent IVCC with work ethic and humility.

Megan Brooker Candidate for student trustee Major: Actuarial Science High School: Putnam County High School Age: 18 Why are you seeking office? Being more active at IVCC is something that is important to me heading into my second year here, and I feel that being a part of student government is a great opportunity for me to meet new people and grow my community involvement. What are your goals, if elected? If elected to office I would like to help better inform students on everything IVCC can do for them, and increase information about what is going on at campus.


also running but not pictured:

• Nik Muzzarelli for student trustee.

• Lillian Moskalewicz for vice president.

• Andrea Medina for secretary.

No student has submitted a petition for treasurer or the two sophomore programming board seats.