Farewell part VI

(Thanos Has snapped his fingers and this person is fading away from the newspaper…)

Akari Oya, Photo Editor

When I first came to IVCC, I was disappointed to find that they did not have a photography club that I could join.

So I became involved with the IV Leader, and I am so glad that I did.

As the assistant photography editor in my first year and the photography editor this year, I attended countless campus events.

From basketball games and golf tournaments to Spirit Day and musical performances, I saw the students growing at IVCC through my camera’s viewfinder. It was a precious experience, following people’s lives like so.

I was also able to meet and exchange dialogue with many people I may not have come across if it were not for my camera. I am happy to have worked with this wonderful team as well.

Outside of the IV Leader, I spent a large portion of my time visiting professors and faculty during their office hours. I do not know what I would have done without their emotional support.

I also extend my gratitude to our readers, especially to the kind students and faculty that took the time to compliment my photos and express their excitement of having themselves featured.

Graphics and photos are some of the first things that readers look at in the newspaper. I hope that through my pictures, I was able to capture the passion, love, and joy I experienced at IVCC.

I will not forget my time here, and I will have the photographs to remind me even if I do.

Thank you so much for the memories, IVCC!