Farewell part V

(Thanos Has snapped his fingers and this person is fading away from the newspaper…)

Alyssa McCauley, Staff Writer

It is difficult to wrap my mind around the fact that my adventure as a student at IVCC has reached an end.

This semester I will be graduating alongside many incredible others, who all deserve to celebrate their hard work and success.

Our success would not have been possible without the help of IVCC’s incredible faculty, supporting staff, administration and organizations.

When I came to IVCC, I was underprepared, lacking any sort of professional skills, and transferring seemed impossible, but in two short years, IVCC changed me in ways I could not have dreamed possible.

Before coming to this school, I hated being in school. Lacking effort and excitement towards school meant that I was hardly passing my classes and was just getting by, but because of IVCC, this is no longer the case. I am now an active student, community member and club member.

Our college has shaped me from a girl who lacked confidence and self-advocacy, into a powerful and confident woman: one who is unafraid to communicate her fears, desires, and thoughts and is courageous to pursue her future.

My journey began in Math 907 here on campus. I was placed into this remedial course, feeling far behind my class. From the first day, the lab teachers challenged me.

I spent over a hundred hours in that lab, working with the determined and highly qualified instructors.

Those instructors gave me a sense of hope. They want to see their students succeed, and I have been inspired by each and every one of them.

After that tough, but rewarding, first semester, I slung my heavy bag of books over my shoulder and walked the halls with a new-found heart and renewed determination. Each semester has come and gone, and I have had many setbacks along the way, but I have met each challenge.

Because of the second chance I was given, I can say I am proud of myself.

I would not mind staying a student here forever, but I know I am now ready to meet my future. The faculty and staff have become my family and IVCC, my home.

I am thankful for all of the other people that I have grown close to, and will miss them all.

I know that I can never fully repay our college for what it has done for me, but I will never stop sharing my story and encouraging others.

I plan to be a teacher, and because of our school, I have the tools and the courage to do so.