Farewell part II

(Thanos Has snapped his fingers and this person is fading away from the newspaper…)

Kellsie Edgcomb, Assistant Opinion Editor

Where do I even start with saying goodbye to IVCC? I suppose first and foremost, I should start with my experiences with IV Leader and our astounding staff. This award-winning publication wouldn’t exist without the extra time and effort every member puts forth!

Thank you so much to Martha, our editor-in-EXCELLENCE, for all of her hard work and Lori for all of her support, and Akari for teaching me everything I know about Photoshop. And frankly, I would not be here without the undying support of my parents, my friends (old and new) and my partner.

My first experience at IVCC was cut short when I enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard. My second time around I will be leaving with many accomplishments and memories! I’m also walking out with two associate degrees with honors! I was able to expand my leadership experience:

President of Phi Theta Kappa–Rho Omega and the College Democrats. I was artsy: show choir and improv. I worked hard: three different jobs, bookstore student worker, assistant opinion editor and built my GPA to above 3.5.

I found my love of writing again with the help of Mrs. Robinson and many Writing Center tutors. I surprised myself with my own ability to learn A&P with the help of Mrs. Johnson and Hartford.

I changed my education plan (away from pre-med) after realizing chemistry just was not my thing, despite Tricia (in peer tutoring), PK, Doc Johl and Mr. Ault helping me. I fell in love with the sociological theories of the human condition thanks to Mangold and Jared Olesen.

As the semesters ticked by, I looked to find a way to meld my passion of social sciences with my foundation in life sciences.

Ultimately, I have decided to transfer to McKendree University located in Lebanon (the suburban Illinois side of St. Louis, Mo.). My current plan is a Bachelor of Science in biopsychology with minors in sociology, biology and gender studies.

My plan after that is not totally decided. On the list of possibilities: a sociology graduate program, law school, having another go at pre-medical professional prerequisites, or maybe even starting my dream-job-slash-boot-strapping-a-non-for-profit as a sex educator and kink-aware professional. No matter my choice, IVCC gave me a great foundation to leap off of and I am ready to see what my future holds!

One final thank you goes to all of you, all of IVCC, and all readers of the IV Leader. I have taken every comment made about my writing seriously and each of you helped me drive forward be a better writer.