IVCC unveils plans for second annual showcase

Stephanie Bias, IV Leader Columnist

The second annual Day of the Arts Festival is returning to Illinois Valley Community College on Saturday, Oct. 15. The day is dedicated to showcasing student art, live performances, and music. Hosted and sponsored by the humanities department, the day features different creative workshops, all available to the general public for free. There also will be booths from local fine arts organizations and student art displayed on panels in the atrium.

Brian Holloway, dean of Humanities, Fine Arts and Social Sciences, is excited for the second unveiling of the restored vaudeville curtain, or olio curtain, in the Cultural Center. The 13 by 20 foot curtain used to hang in the “Coliseum” opera house in Ladd before donation to IVCC.
“It is painted with a landscape scene that is surrounded by cartouches containing the names of local businesses sponsoring the curtain,” according to Holloway. With the help of nationally-known conservators, students, staff and community members, the curtain has been restored to its former beauty.
The olio curtain was unveiled for the first time in 2015, and Holloway recalls the event as “very emotional” for the descendants of the original sponsors. Between 3:15 and 4:15 descendants of the curtain’s sponsors and the general public may get on stage in the Cultural Center for photos with the curtain. The public is encouraged to visit the Cultural Center during this time slot, for as Holloway puts it, the curtain “is a wonderful thing to see close up.”
The entertainment and interaction with the arts will not stop there. There will be two shows and a numerous amount of music performances. Holloway plans to have art on display with an opportunity to win art from the raffle, and the event is featuring two workshops for creative writing and percussion.
Refreshments will be provided in CTC 124-5 and student ambassadors will guide guests to the different workshops, performances, and events.